A special gift is a customised gift

When you’re looking for a gift that captures that person’s imagination, look to Proper Job Crafts in Rugby. We can make that special gift for that special person. Get in touch to enquire.

About Proper Job Crafts

We provide a bespoke, personal service at Proper Job Crafts. From bags to wallets, we can produce a range of special items. What unifies our brand is our commitment to quality and our focus on using recycled items wherever possible. With a skilled and qualified team on our books and over 40 years of experience in the gift business, you’re in the right hands with Proper Job Crafts.


Not only do we have a range of leather goods, including wallets and key rings, we also hand dye and hand stitch them making them bespoke and personal.

Leather bespoke gifts

Not only do we manufacture a range of items from scratch, including bags and purses, we can also personalise each and every one of them through our laser etching and embossing techniques.

Make it a special gift with Proper Job Crafts. To enquire