Fabric gift ideas

You don’t want to give just any gift. You want the gift – something that speaks to the recipient’s interests and personality. You want to give the kind of gift that makes them wonder how they managed to survive without it. It’s not something you can find on some random store shelf. It needs to be designed and produced from the ground up. It’s the kind of work that we specialise in at Proper Job Crafts in Rugby. Enquire today.

What’s the concept?

So you’ve got something in mind. A dress, perhaps, or a handbag. You’ve got a colour in mind too, not to mention a design aesthetic that’s uniquely theirs. There’re also the measurements as well. With Proper Job Crafts, you don’t have to compromise on any of those requirements. All we need is a consultation where you tell us what’s needed. From there, we can begin to work our magic.

Why our gift makers?

Here at Proper Job Crafts, we’re known for our quality workmanship. We have extensive knowledge of a variety of techniques, including heat press ironing and machine embroidery, so that each and every piece that we produce has that unique touch. Our personal service ensures that every individual element requested is put in place. Given that we’re qualified embroiderers and have over 40 years of gift making expertise, we know that we can produce something special for you.

What can we make?

  • Clothing
  • Bags
  • Footwear
  • Whatever you're after, we can bring it to life.