What we do and How we do it

Whether it’s a wallet or a dog collar, the right material won’t do on its own. It needs to be the right size, it needs to be the right colour and the design needs to mirror the intended’s interests. It calls for a bespoke solution. It calls for Proper Job Crafts in Rugby. Contact us today.

Bring your idea to life

If you’ve got a gift in mind and you know that the material needs to be leather, we can deliver on the rest of it. We manufacture a range of items, all of which can be tailored so that they fit the recipient’s needs to a tee. It begins with a consultation, where you tell us what’s required and when it needs to be completed by. From there, we can provide a price and a timescale for completion. So why not get in touch and discuss what you need?

Bespoke from the ground-up

Everything that we fashion at Proper Job Crafts is done so to a high standard. Each item is produced according to the requirements set and our skilled team employ a range of techniques in order to deliver on that remit, from stamping to laser etching and colour of the thread and leahter. We also have the environment in mind at all times and take care to recycle items wherever we can. It’s this eco-friendly approach to leather gifts and given that we’re qualified and that we’ve been in this industry for over 40 years, that means you can depend on us to produce the right piece for you.

What sort of items can we create?

  • Wallets
  • Purses
  • Bags
  • Dog collars
  • Dog leads
  • Key rings
  • And more besides!
  • You can see the steps we use to create your personalised gift and then workmanship involved

    Make that idea a reality with Proper Job Crafts.