Hand Stitched and Hand Dyed

Everybody has their own style, their own definitive signature, from what they like in their front room to what they wear. Giving a gift that satisfies that unique aesthetic can be difficult, especially if you’re relying on pre-made goods. You need an alternative option – something that incorporates the recipient’s unique personality right from the off. That’s where we come in at Proper Job Crafts in Rugby. Get in touch today.

There’s no need to compromise

We don’t do it by halves at Proper Job Crafts. What we produce is 100% to order, in line with the unique requirements of our clients. So if you have an idea that needs realising, from a keyring to a holdall, that not only incorporates the look but also dimensions, our capable team can accommodate. The first step is a consultation. Just let us know what you need by emailing the details or by using the submission form provided. We’ll assess what you’ve requested and provide a call back where we can discuss what we think is the ideal approach and when we think the item will be completed.

Multiple materials, multiple styles

We’re skilled with a range of other materials, including fabric, wood, paper, glass, plastic and natural stone. We can offer that additional extra to incorporate into your item. We also employ a variety of techniques to deliver on the specifications set, including laser etching and embossing. All items are made from scratch and the highest standards are maintained throughout. As we’re qualified, experienced and use recycled items wherever we can, we’re the dependable and environmentally-friendly option when it comes to gift making.

  You request it we make it?

  • Our leather is natural tanned, we dye it ourselves 
  • Our thread come in many colours
  • We can incoporate other media into your design 
  • If we have never made it before we can provide drawings or a mock up for you.

We hand stitch and dye our leather which allows you to have your gift made to your own personal style.

View below for our threads and dye colour pallet

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The gift you want to give isn't out of reach with Proper Job Crafts.