Golf Ball Bag

This has a snap loop at one end to attach to your bag or belt. You can choose colour of the dye you want on the leather and thread colour. This bag will hold 4 golf balls.

Standard notes for all our leather:

You should be aware that as we hand cut, hand dye and hand stitch our leather depending on the size of the product you want this process can take from 3 days to 2 weeks to be carried out.

We can personalise all our leather products by laser etching however, you need to be aware that the darker the colour you choose for your leather the less contrast there is between the etched letters and the colour of your leather. If you want your leather personalising we recommend you contact us directly to discuss the best way to achieve that. Any personalisation starts from £5.00.

As our leather is hand dyed and we have a standard set of base colours to choose from. Where a customer requires a blend of colours we would recommend you speak to us directly to discuss the colour palette you want.